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Kerala State Pharmacy Council

Kerala state pharmacy council is a statutory body constitutes under the central act of Pharmacy Act 1948. The council has been designed to provide quality pharmaceutical care to the public and hence manage all the application registration and renewal application of the pharmacies around the state. In addition, Pharmacy council Kerala has initiated several educational programmes for the pharmacists.  Besides, the council also educates the local people about making the purchase of medicine from licensed medical shops only.

Under the Pharmacy Council of India, different state council regulates and make efforts to provide quality medical facilities to the people of their state. The state pharmacy council makes sure that the pharmacist is available at retail medical shops to help people and they further punish the pharmacists who are not present in the medical shops.

The main aim behind setting the dedicated pharmacy council is to make govern the activities and ensure that patients are availed with the knowledge and services of pharmacists. Moreover, they also organize events to spread awareness about the role of pharmacists.

Kerala state pharmacy council renewal suggested that the council should also look after the pharmacists and should help them in case of certain mishap or death. In addition, the council know to organizes awareness courses for community pharmacist and also frame the syllabus with the help of teachers and professors of the pharmacy colleges as they are the well-known experts in the field.

All the records and the work of council have been computerized and one can easily trace the registration number and other details from the comfort of home. The state pharmacy website is active and various procedural forms can be easily downloaded by the applicant from the website.